5DEV Alloy Handlebars

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Clamping Diameter: 35mm

Rise: 30mm

SKU B-30-800-01

Introducing 5DEV Alloy Handlebars for Trail, Enduro, DH and Ebike

Width: 800mm

Rise: 30mm

Backsweep: 7mm

Upsweep: 5mm

Material: 7075 AL

Weight: 335g's

Anodizing: Type 2 Hard

Color: Black 

Rating: DH / Ebike Rated 

We wanted a clean, strong, comfortable bar to pair with our Titanium and Aluminum Stem. Strong enough for a World Cup DH racer as well as someone on a full powered ebike. The 5DEV Alloy Bar accomplishes all these goals. Clean and simple. 

Tested in house in our test lab. Designed to reduce rider fatigue and improve your ergonomics on the bike.